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FlightScope's X3 is an innovative combination of 3D Doppler tracking radar and synchronized image processing for unmatched data accuracy. The X3 is a full tracking radar and will track the golf ball from impact to landing.

The FlightScope X3 is a launch monitor and simulator that uses patented FlightScope Fusion Tracking technology to provide golfers, instructors, and club fitters with accurate golf performance data. Fusion Tracking technology is an innovative combination of 3D Doppler tracking radar technology and synchronized high speed image processing that helps provide users with the most accurate and consistent data for every shot - indoors and outdoors.

FlightScope X3 Face Impact Location

Video and Data Lesson Recordings

Automatically records, clips and saves action video clips with data overlay for users to review their swing and data together. Users also have the ability to draw lines and circles as well as record a voiceover with comments and tips to send after a lesson, fitting, or practice.

FlightScope X3 Environmental Optimizer

Environmental Optimizer

Adjust your environment to plan and prepare for all weather conditions and landscapes. The Environmental Optimizer allows you to configure the impact of altitude, air temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and relative landing height.

FlightScope X3 Advanced Chipping and Putting Data

Advanced Chipping and Putting Data

Powered by patented FlightScope Fusion Tracking technology, the X3 provides accurate and consistent chipping and putting data giving users short game insights for teaching, fitting, and practice.

FlightScope X3 Face Impact Location

Face Impact Location

Choose from different Face Impact Location screens to view and analyze the precise ball impact location on the club face for every shot.

App Data

FlightScope X3 App Data Full Swing

FlightScope X3 App Data Chipping

FlightScope X3 App Data Putting

FlightScope X3 Key Features

Flightscope Environmental Optimizer

FlightScope Environmental Optimizer

Change your environment without changing your location.

Plan and prepare for all weather conditions and landscapes by modifying your environment to understand how climate variables affect your shots.

FlightScope Environmental Optimizer (EO) allows you to configure the impact of:

Flightscope Environmental Optimizer Details

E6 Connect for iOS and PC

Enhance your golf simulation experience with FlightScope performance data you can trust - included for both iOS and PC.

10 Golf Courses

  • Aviara - CA, USA
  • Stone Canyon - AZ, USA
  • Wade Hampton - NC, USA
  • Sanctuary - CO, USA
  • Bay Hill - FL, USA
  • The Belfry - Sutton Coldfield, England
  • Oslo Golf Club - Norway, Europe
  • Panther Lake - FL, USA
  • Thanksgiving Point - UT, USA
  • Par 3 Ocean Course - Fantasy Course

17 Practice Ranges

Practice and play with a purpose on your choice of driving range layouts and skill challenging games.

Mini Game

Additional courses and content are available for purchase or subscription on mobile and PC.

Also available for purchase:

  • E6 Connect Basic and Expanded
  • The Golf Club 2019
  • Creative Golf 3D
  • Awesome Golf
  • GSPro

FlightScope X3 E6 Connect for iOS and PC

FlightScope Face Impact Location

Face Impact Location

View and analyze the precise location of face impact to work on accuracy and consistency with wedges, irons, and woods. Compare face impact with shot data and video to improve performance.

Face Impact Location
View the precise location of impact for every club and compare it to the data for that shot. Face Impact Location also adds two additional data parameters - lateral impact and vertical impact.

Heat Mapping Visualization
Heat mapping visualization provides a visual distribution of impact location for a specific club over the entire session. The heat map is designed to give users a face impact overview for an entire session.

Video, Data, and Face Impact Combined
View your swing video, data, and face impact all on one screen. This all-in-one solution gives users a complete picture of every shot with the best chance to analyze and interpret the results and identify ways to improve.

FS Golf for iOS and Android

A comprehensive and customizable mobile app allowing users to teach, fit, and practice with radar data, video capabilities, 3D trajectories, and more.

Data Margins and Instant Feedback
Set your minimum and maximum values for any data parameter to train smarter and improve consistency. Receive instant visual feedback with simple green and red data display.

Customizable Trajectory View
Customize your trajectory screen display and preferred performance data blocks for the ultimate user experience.

Data and Video Combined
Practice without interruption using the FS Golf app. The app on your phone will automatically record and clip each video before storing it on the app for easy review.

Apple Watch Interface
View selected data on your Apple Watch for quick and instant feedback on every shot.

FlightScope Golf for iOS and Android

FlightScope Skills Target


Improve your skills or evaluate your players with the most advanced and customizable combine assessments available.

FlightScope Combines
Designed to be the ultimate and most advanced assessment of a golfer’s skill level.

Practice Smarter
Use Skills to determine accuracy and skill level for benchmarking and compare performance with players around the world.

Customized Challenges
Practice with a purpose by choosing target size, location, and score values for innovative sessions based on identified weaknesses.

Multicam Feeds

Automatically record and sync videos from multiple cameras for instant review on your iOS devices.

Data and Video Combined
Automatically record and clip videos of every shot on your mobile device and overlay your selected data parameters.

Up to Three Cameras
Connect up to two mobile devices plus your FlightScope hardware’s internal camera for the ultimate video experience.

Ultimate Teaching Tool
Use video and data together in all of your teaching and fitting sessions to provide a unique experience for all of your students, members, and customers. The software allows you to draw lines and circles as well as send videos directly to your customer after the session.

FlightScope Multicam Feeds

FlightScope Short Game

Short Game

Accurately measure short game data parameters for complete lessons and overall game improvement.

Chipping, Pitching, and Putting
Get instant feedback with various features including trajectory, grouping, speed graph, and more.

Wedge D-Plane
Improve consistency around the green with full D-Plane data for every club in the bag.

Putting Data
Work on consistently rolling putts with our new bounce count and bounce distance data parameters. New skid charts and ball speed profile charts provide an advanced visual experience for essential putting data and analysis.


Challenges in the FS Golf App give users the ability to practice with a purpose and test their skills. Enjoy interactive games aimed to help users with distance control, consistency, speed training, and more.

PGA/LPGA Challenges
The FlightScope PGA/LPGA Challenges give users the ability to compare their stats against the latest Tour averages for every data parameter.

Long Drive Competition
Work on speed and distance in this Long Drive Competition.

Range Competition
Challenge your distance control skills in the Range Competition. Practice with a purpose with targeted challenges that help users practice smarter.

FlightScope Challenges

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