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Mastering the Art of Indoor Putting: Tips, Techniques, and Accessories

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A strong short game is crucial for every golfer, as it can significantly impact your overall golf score and performance. While it's relatively easy to find practice areas for driving and iron play, finding a suitable space to practice your putting game can be more challenging, especially if you prefer to practice indoors. That's where Better Birdies comes in, providing you with the resources, tips, and guidance to elevate your indoor putting skills and enhance your overall golfing experience.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various ways to improve your indoor putting practice, including setting up an effective practice space, utilizing innovative training aids and launch monitors, and providing tips and techniques specifically tailored for indoor putting scenarios. Our aim is to help you turn your home into a useful space for refining your putting game and, ultimately, lowering your golf score.

Creating the Perfect Indoor Putting Practice Space

An effective indoor putting practice area is key to improving your short game and enjoying your time spent practicing at home. Consider the following factors when setting up your space:

1. Room Size and Layout

Select a room or area in your home with enough space to accommodate your full putting stroke and the putting green itself. Ideally, the room should be at least 10 feet wide and 15 feet long to ensure you have sufficient space for various putt lengths.

2. Flooring

The type of flooring in your practice area can dramatically impact your putting experience. A flat, hard surface, such as tile or hardwood, is recommended to provide a stable foundation for the putting green. Avoid practicing on carpet, which can cause irregularities in the putting surface and negatively affect your technique.

3. Lighting

Proper lighting is essential for accurate reading of the virtual greens and maintaining focus during your practice sessions. Ensure the room has adequate, non-glare lighting that adequately illuminates the putting surface without casting shadows.

4. Ambiance

Creating a comfortable and motivating ambiance can significantly improve your practice routine. Consider elements such as music, artwork, or motivational quotes to inspire and encourage you during your putting sessions.

Selecting the Right Putting Green and Accessories

Choosing a suitable indoor putting green and the right accessories can have a profound impact on your practice effectiveness. Consider the following options when selecting your indoor putting setup:

1. Portable Putting Greens

There are numerous portable and easy-to-install putting greens available in the market, ranging from simple, low-cost options to more advanced setups featuring adjustable slopes and contours. Invest in a high-quality putting green that offers a true roll and closely resembles real-life green conditions.

2. Launch Monitors and Putting Analyzers

Investing in a launch monitor, like SkyTrak or FlightScope, can provide valuable data points such as launch angle, spin rate, and ball speed, helping you analyze and improve your putting stroke. Alternatively, specialized putting analyzers, such as Blast Motion or PuttOUT, can also offer insights into your putting performance.

3. Putting Training Aids

Innovative putting training aids can help address and correct specific issues such as alignment, tempo, and stroke path. Some popular options include The Putting Stick, The Putting Arc, and the Eyeline Putting Mirror, which all assist in refining your putting technique.

Indoor Putting Tips and Techniques

To make the most of your indoor putting practice sessions, keep the following tips and techniques in mind:

1. Establish a Practice Routine

Develop a consistent practice routine that targets various aspects of your putting game, such as distance control, direction, and green reading. Begin each session with a warm-up, followed by focused drills and exercises to address specific aspects of your short game.

2. Consistency and Precision

When practicing indoor putting, focus on maintaining consistency in your stroke, along with achieving precise contact and aim. Establish a pre-putt routine to help improve your muscle memory and confidence before each putt.

3. Reading and Interpreting Virtual Greens

Learning to read and interpret virtual greens is essential for success in an indoor setting. Pay attention to slope and elevation changes within the simulation software and use your launch monitor or putting analyzer data to make necessary adjustments.

4. Embrace Challenge and Variety

Vary your practice sessions by incorporating challenging drills or playing virtual courses with demanding greens. This ensures you're continually pushing your limits and improving your overall putting performance.

Tracking Your Progress and Setting Goals

One of the most rewarding aspects of indoor putting practice is realizing the improvements in your short game. To track your progress and stay motivated, consider the following tips:

1. Record Data and Video

Track your putting stats during each practice session and analyze them to identify trends and areas that need improvement. Use a video camera or smartphone to record your practice sessions and analyze your putting stroke for proper technique and alignment.

2. Set Short and Long-Term Goals

Establish both short and long-term goals for your indoor putting practice to provide motivation and a sense of achievement. Examples of goals could include achieving a certain number of consecutive putts made, lowering your average putts per round, or mastering a specific putting drill.


Mastering the art of indoor putting takes dedication, the right equipment, and a willingness to embrace new techniques and challenges. By following the tips and guidance provided in this guide, you're well on your way to improving your short game and enjoying a more fulfilling indoor golfing experience. With each practice session, you'll be one step closer to perfecting your putting skills and watching your golf scores plummet, both on the virtual greens and out on the course. Happy practicing!

Welcome to Better Birdies, where we offer the best in virtual golfing experiences for both passionate amateurs and professionals. If you are looking for golf accessories and more to up your putting game, reach out to us today!

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