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Launch Monitor Drills: Improve Your Golf Game

As golf enthusiasts, we're always striving to improve our game and achieve new milestones, whether it's mastering the perfect swing or driving the ball with increased distance and power. One powerful tool that has revolutionized modern golf practice is the launch monitor. By providing telling insights into our swing, ball flight, and clubhead data, launch monitors offer an unparalleled opportunity to hone our skills and achieve remarkable progress.

Welcome to Better Birdies's guide on incorporating launch monitor drills into your practice routine, where we'll explore a range of data-driven exercises designed to boost your golf performance. Our focus will be on helping you pinpoint areas for improvement, target specific skills, and create effective practice regimens using your launch monitor.

By the end of this guide, you'll have an arsenal of practical, launch monitor-driven drill ideas that you can incorporate into your practice routine. With a focus on precision, distance, consistency, and shot shaping, you'll be well on your way to realizing your full potential as a golfer and enjoying the game like never before. So, grab your clubs, power up your launch monitor, and let's embark on this exciting quest to golfing greatness!

Accuracy-Based Drills

1. Clubface Alignment Drill

To improve your accuracy, it's crucial to address clubface alignment at impact. Using your launch monitor's face angle data, you can fine-tune your clubface path to ensure consistent, straight shots. Practice hitting balls with a conscious focus on keeping the clubface square to the target line at impact. Ideally, you should aim to achieve a face angle reading as close to zero degrees as possible. Make adjustments to your grip and swing as needed until you consistently produce straight shots.

2. Target Distance Drill

Pick a specific target distance and try to hit shots within 5 to 10 yards of that target. Achieving precision with your club selection and swing requires a solid understanding of how far each club will carry the ball. By analyzing your launch monitor's carry distance data, you can adjust your stance, swing tempo, and ball placement to fine-tune your shots' distance. Repeat this drill with various target distances and clubs to develop a well-rounded skill set for accurate shots.

Drills for Boosting Distance

1. Strength and Conditioning Drill

As golf is heavily dependent on power and strength, incorporate strength and conditioning exercises into your practice routine. Focus on building your core, legs, and upper body muscles to improve your overall power output. Track your swing speed and ball speed data with your launch monitor and evaluate how the strength exercises impact your performance.

2. Optimal Launch Angle Drill

Each club has an optimal launch angle to achieve maximum distance. Using your launch monitor's data, determine the launch angle for each club that results in the longest carry distance. Practice hitting balls with a focus on maintaining that specific launch angle. Pay attention to your grip, stance, and body position during your swing, and make necessary alterations to consistently achieve your optimal launch angle.

Swing Consistency Drills

1. Consistent Club Path Drill

Developing a consistent club path is essential for accurate shots and overall golf success. Analyze your launch monitor's club path data to understand your swing tendencies and identify any deviations or inconsistencies. Set up a practice station with alignment sticks to create a visual guide for your club path. Work on producing a consistent club path by swinging with deliberate focus, making note of any adjustments needed for a more uniform swing motion.

2. Impact Position Drill

Review your launch monitor's impact data, such as dynamic loft, strike location, and attack angle. Identify any discrepancies and establish a baseline for consistent impact positions. Use training aids, like impact tape, to give you immediate feedback on your strike location. Practice hitting balls while maintaining consistent impact positions, focusing on adjustments to your grip, body position, and swing plane.

Shot Shaping and Trajectory Control Drills

1. Fade and Draw Drill

Refine your shot shaping skills by practicing hitting intentional fades and draws. Set up targets to the left and right of your intended line, and use your launch monitor's curve and side-spin data to gauge the success of your shot shaping efforts. Make any necessary adjustments to your setup, grip, and swing to produce the desired curvature consistently.

2. High and Low Trajectory Drills

Gain control over your shot trajectory by practicing hitting the ball both high and low. Using your launch monitor's vertical launch data, work on increasing or decreasing your launch angle based on the desired shot height. Experiment with various ball positions, grips, and stance adjustments to achieve your desired flight path. Achieving mastery over trajectory control will prove beneficial in navigating different course conditions and obstacles.

Analyzing and Tracking Your Progress

1. Data Review and Goal Setting

Regularly review your launch monitor data to identify areas of improvement and track your progress. Set specific, achievable goals based on the data and outline a practice plan to work towards those objectives. Continuously evaluate your performance and adjust your goals and practice plan accordingly. This methodical approach to progress tracking will maximize your development as a golfer.

2. Performance Metrics

In addition to launch monitor data, consider incorporating other performance metrics in your practice, such as greens in regulation, fairways hit, and putting statistics. These metrics provide a more comprehensive view of your golf game and can help identify potential areas for improvement.


By implementing these data-driven launch monitor drills into your practice routine, you'll elevate your golf game to new heights and enjoy a deeper understanding of your swing and performance. Focusing on accuracy, distance, consistency, and shot shaping, these exercises offer a strategic approach to improvement, transforming your golf journey into a data-backed quest for growth and success. So power up your launch monitor, embrace these drills with dedication, and watch your golf performance soar.

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